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2011-03-30 12:11:53 by lucabtje

im gonna make a stick collab! want to join in? just pm me :D

Ridle Quest

2011-02-21 04:19:27 by lucabtje

Just made a flash outa late night boredom


2011-01-25 16:14:07 by lucabtje

Even do im still 14 years old, im going to work at 'Wooden Jimmy 2 - Color mix' until 1 o clock... wish me luck!

560 hits!

2011-01-25 11:25:14 by lucabtje

OMG SWEET, first flash game i've made, and already 560 hits. XD
ima gonna selebrate; PARTY AT MY HOUSE

Its finaly happening!! The trail game of wooden jimmy!! the official game comes when i found out how i can make a finish to the next lvl :S.